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Violent crime involves any unlawful action that results in physical harm or threats of violence against another person. These offenses are often aggressively prosecuted under California law. A violent crime conviction can have a substantial impact on your life, costing you steep fines and years behind bars.

Despite the focus many prosecutors put on violent crime, the truth about these charges is that they are defensible. Often, these offenses have two sides to the story. If you have been arrested for a violent crime in Kern County, you deserve to have a jury of your peers hear your side of the story.

The Hennessy Law Group can carefully review every aspect of your case. Our team can review police reports and witness statements to determine the truth about the charges against you. Our comprehensive approach to defending the accused could give you the best chance of beating your current charges. 

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Common Examples of Violent Crime Crimes in California  

California's legal system categorizes various offenses as violent crimes, each carrying its own set of consequences. Understanding the nuances of these charges is crucial for building a robust defense. Our attorneys at Hennessy Law Group are well-versed in dissecting the details of each case to build a compelling defense for the following common violent crimes:

  • Assault: Assault charges can arise from an attempt to cause physical harm or the intentional creation of a reasonable fear of harm.
    • Simple Assault: In cases where the threat or attempt to cause harm is without aggravating factors, it may be classified as simple assault.
    • Aggravated Assault: This involves assault with additional elements, such as the use of a weapon, which escalates the severity of the offense.
  • Battery: Battery charges involve the intentional and unlawful use of force against another person.
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence allegations can have severe and far-reaching consequences, impacting not only your freedom but also personal relationships.
  • Robbery: Robbery involves using force or fear to take someone else's property.
    • First-Degree Robbery: Robbery charges can be classified as first-degree when committed with certain aggravating factors, such as the use of a deadly weapon or causing serious bodily harm.
    • Second-Degree Robbery: When the elements for first-degree robbery are absent, the offense may be charged as second-degree robbery.
  • Kidnapping: Kidnapping is another serious violent crime that involves the unlawful and intentional abduction or confinement of another person against their will. Charges can be further categorized into:
    • Simple Kidnapping: In cases where the abduction lacks aggravating factors, it may be classified as simple kidnapping.
    • Aggravated Kidnapping: This involves kidnapping with additional elements, such as the use of a deadly weapon, prolonged duration of the abduction, or the intent to commit other crimes during the abduction.

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Defenses Against Violent Crime Charges 

Mounting an effective defense against violent crime charges requires a deep understanding of both legal principles and the specifics of each case. Our legal team at Hennessy Law Group employs various defense strategies to protect our client's rights and achieve the best possible outcomes. Some common defenses include:

  • Self-Defense: Establishing that the accused acted in self-defense can be a strong defense strategy, demonstrating that force was used to protect oneself from imminent harm. 
  • Consent: In certain situations, obtaining the alleged victim's consent may be a viable defense. Our attorneys meticulously examine the circumstances of the alleged crime to determine if valid consent was given.
  • Mistaken Identity: Mistaken identity is a common issue in violent crime cases. Our legal team thoroughly investigates the evidence to determine if some errors or discrepancies may point to a case of mistaken identity.
  • Lack of Intent: For certain charges, such as assault, proving intent is crucial. If it can be demonstrated that the accused did not have the requisite intent to commit the crime, it may result in a reduction of charges or a dismissal.
  • Intoxication: In some instances, a person may commit a violent act while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We explore the role of intoxication in the case, considering its potential impact on intent and culpability.
  • Police Misconduct: Challenging the conduct of law enforcement officers during the investigation or arrest is another avenue we explore to protect our client's rights. This may involve issues related to unlawful search and seizure, Miranda rights violations, or improper interrogation techniques.
  • Defense of Another Person or Property: Acting in defense of oneself or another person and protecting property may constitute a valid defense. We explore the details of each case to establish whether the use of force was justified under the circumstances.

Our relentless commitment to exploring all possible defenses sets Hennessy Law Group apart, ensuring that our clients benefit from a defense strategy tailored to their unique circumstances.

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